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American Apparel 5446: California Fleece Blanket

Cozy up by yourself or with someone under this warm, lightweight fleece blanket. Perfect for printing, too. 100% California Fleece cotton, combed for softness and comfort Dimensions: 7' x 4.5' (213cm x 137cm) Finished edge Rounded corners

American Apparel G569: Poplin Wallet

A stylish and lightweight take on the traditional wallet. 100% Poplin construction Functional, credit card sized slots and pockets Reinforced to hold its shape Dimensions: 9" / 3-7/8" (22.86cm x 9.84cm)

American Apparel RSA5500: California Fleece Sunglass Case

A lightweight and protective sunglass case made from 100% cotton, which prevents the lens from scratching. 100% California Fleece cotton, combed for softness and comfort Flap closure Dimensions: 8" x 4" (20.32cm x 10.16cm) Sunglasses not included

Augusta 1315: Blanket Carrying Strap

100% polypro webbing* Adjustable strap with matching plastic buckles* Handle reinforced at stress points 19'' Strap, 8'' Handle

Augusta 1317: Blanket Carrier

Clear PVC vinyl * Black water resistant 100% nylon taffeta top - sides and handle * Zippered side opening * With blanket enclosed can be used as a seat cushion * Handle reinforced at stress points. 151/2'' x 131/2'' x 31/4''

Augusta 5060: Chill Fleece Blanket

100% polyester Chill Fleece * Pill-free* Ultra-soft* Edges stitched in black * Machine-washable* 50'' x 60''

Augusta 5065: Chill Fleece Blanket/Taffeta Lined

100% polyester Chill Fleece * Lined with black water-resistant 100% nylon taffeta * Pill-free * Ultra-soft * Black nylon taffeta binding around blanket edges * Triangular nylon taffeta corner overlay hides underside of embroidery for a clean finished look * Machine-washable * 49'' x 58''

Augusta 5158: Athletic Fleece Blanket

9 ounce 100% polyester fleece* Smooth printable surface* Matching color serged hem 50'' x 58''

We are not limited to the brands and models illustrated here. If you know of specific brand or a specific style not listed on our site contact us for more details.